Laser Technology

laserLasers have transformed medical surgery by offering minimally-invasive alternatives to traditional scalpel incisions and sutured closures. The laser’s intense, narrow wavelength has precise, predictable, and powerful reactions when it contacts hard or soft tissues of the body. Laser light is extremely efficient, producing very little heat as it acts on its target. This makes it ideal for oral surgery, since it seldom affects tissues other than those it targets. The laser provides precise control over the depth and extent of cutting, while simultaneously minimizing bleeding and sterilizing the treatment area.


Lasers have improved the predictability of surgical outcomes by assisting in sterilizing the surgical sites of bacteria and infection during extractions, bone grafting procedures, and implant placement.


The dentists at Ephraim Family Dental use two different state of the art laser technologies; a Diode soft tissue laser and a CO2 soft tissue laser.  If you have questions about the lasers we use, please call us. We enjoy helping patients understand all of the interesting innovations we implement for their comfort and care.